Fireflies, Eagle Feeding, Monkey Fantasia Tour

Fireflies, Eagle Feeding, Monkey Fantasia Tour

It is only here in Kuala Selangor that you find such large groups congregating together in a bright display of lights, much to the awe of visitors and tourists. The fireflies are only fond of one type of mangrove plant, which is the ‘Berembang’ tree or Sonneratia Caseolaris. The Berembang trees are one of many different types of vegetation that have adapted to life in a mangrove ecosystem.

During the day, they are hidden among the trees and plants in deep sleep. Once night sets in, usually at 8 pm, the fireflies will come out to play and mate for a few hours, retreating between 10-11 pm.

The silver leaf monkeys are Bukit Melawati’s most popular attraction; originating from the surrounding mangrove forests below, the monkeys have become accustomed with constant handouts and feedings from tourists.

Then, take a boat ride to the Selangor River Mouth for the newly explored wild eagle feeding. Enjoy the thrill when hundreds of eagles approach your boat up close when the boatman is feeding them.

Fireflies / Eagle Feeding / Monkey Fantasia Tour
  • Tour Duration: 1 day
  • Slots: 3 pm
  • Minimum 2 person
MYR 300.00

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  • Dinner Provided

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