Service Excellence from the Heart

We aim for faultless administration from your first encounter with us to the end of the tour, with personal service as a hallmark. We make certain promises to you and we live up to them. We have a wide product range offering competitive rates from the best hotels and resorts around Malaysia to suit a wide range of budgets and tastes. Our team’s passion for travel allows us to offer not just travel packages, but great travel experiences, suited to our customer’s preferences, offered at the best value for their money. Attention to detail and quality of work, paired with years of industry experience, make us the perfect choice to partner with to produce outstanding events.

1)            Hotel, Apartments & Resort (Reservations)

2)            Transfers

3)            Sightseeing Tours

4)            Group Travel Packages

5)            Meet & Greet Services:

  • KL International Airport – Arrival
  • KL International Airport – Departure

6)            Personal VIP / Company Paging

7)            Ticketing Services:

  • Flight Ticket booking
  • Cruise Ticket booking


The company has contract agreements with prestigious hotels, resorts and service apartments in Malaysia. We also cater for all range between 5 star and budget accommodation according to the need of the customer.



The company has exciting tour packages for all domestic and foreign tourists such as city tours, country tours, park and garden tours, island tours, historical tours and adventures tours. Patrons can also request for a custom made package that will best suit their interest.



The company does provide necessary transportation to ensure the customer a pleasant and save journey. Currently we have 3 vehicles (11-seater vans) and 2 vehicles (13-seater vans)  with the permits certified and approved by the Ministry of Transport’s Road Transport Department (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan). Other modes of transport that we offer are limousine, coach, train, ferry and flight.

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