About Us

GOLDEN HOLIDAYS SDN. BHD. is an inbound travel agent company. In line with our nation’s entry into the travel business, we would like to take the opportunity to venture into this industry with serious emphasis shown by the government to promote tourism in Malaysia.

GOLDEN HOLIDAYS SDN. BHD. believes strongly that we are going to be a successful travel agency. With the expertise and knowledge shown by our management team, subordinate at all level GOLDEN HOLIDAYS SDN. BHD. is striving hard to achieve the aim of becoming a profitable company. Majority of our staff are able to speak more than two to three languages (Malay, English, Tamil, Mandarin and Japanese). All our staff have experience being associated in the tourism industry.

GOLDEN HOLIDAYS SDN. BHD. is determined to promote Malaysia as a safe destination for tourists to visit by several advertisements, promoting the agency’s product and services. Advertisements refer as to paid messages delivered through a variety of media. The company has planned to advertise via yellow pages, websites and print on transit lines publicity.

GOLDEN HOLIDAYS SDN. BHD. is a legitimate travel agency with excellent facilities like Transport arrangements, Tours, Accommodation Reservations, Air Ticketing, Meet & Greet services and an office for inbound approved by government body.